“쓰고 가요” 김민재, 떠나는 박은빈 붙잡지 못하고 건넨 마지막 인사ㅣ브람스를 좋아하세요?(brahms)ㅣSBS DRAMA

2020. 10. 13.
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비가 오자 김민재(박준영)은 헤어지자고 한 박은빈(채송아)을 붙잡지 못하지만 걱정되는 마음에 우산을 건네준다.
SBS 월화드라마 ‘브람스를 좋아하세요?(brahms)’
☞밤 10시 본방송
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  • Estoy llorando 😭😭

    DianaDiana5 일 전
  • 둘이 헤어지면 안되요ㅠ 진짜 제발 다시 만나라 ...

    빛나는silver rain빛나는silver rain6 일 전
  • 작가님 ㅠㅠ 저 작가님 대사 좋아서 대본집 예약구매해써여,, 제발 마지막엔 등장인물 모두 웃게 해주세요😭😭😭😭

    삐삐삐삐7 일 전
  • 박은빈은 가만히 볼때마다 얘는 왜이렇게 예쁘냐...싶다.

    고려은단비타민씨고려은단비타민씨7 일 전
  • 영어 제목 번역 구글 번역기 쓰나요.....?

    넛멕넛멕7 일 전
  • Let’s write it이라니......ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ너무 직역아닌가요ㅠㅠ 우산 쓰고 가라는 건데에....

    은경은경8 일 전
  • 😭😭😭😭💔💔

    بَتس ملُِوُڪ آلُِڪيبَوُبَ حٍآرٍقٌين آلُِهـيترٍزْبَتس ملُِوُڪ آلُِڪيبَوُبَ حٍآرٍقٌين آلُِهـيترٍزْ8 일 전
  • The girl is an insecure doormat and the guy is confused and loves being miserable. Their story is bound to fail!!!

    madabtMSKmadabtMSK9 일 전
  • 우리 쭈녕이.. 그뤠서 예고편에 아팠구나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    개구쟁이강아지개구쟁이강아지9 일 전
  • 고구마 수확철인 거 아나보다. 고구마를 좋아하세요?ㅠ

    조희경조희경9 일 전
  • 영화 클래식에서 손예진이 우산쓰고 가는 장면의 오마주 같네요..^^

  • 작가님.. 드라마를 보는데.. 행복하지가않아요... 우리 준송 이제 웃게해주세요...

    띠로링띠로링9 일 전
  • 🎻🎹 무다키, 무다포, 커플코멘터리 등 "다양한 미공개 비하인드"와 "삭제씬"을 원하신다면 감독판 선입금에 참여해주세요. 최소수량 미달성 시, 제작 무산됩니다. 자세한 사항은 다음카페에서 '브람스'를 검색해주세요!!!😊

    sh__ knowsh__ know9 일 전
  • 다시 봐도 눈물이...ㅠㅠ

    Eunjoo JangEunjoo Jang9 일 전
  • Very bad traducción.

    Esperanza RamosEsperanza Ramos11 일 전
  • Why did JY give SA the umbrella and let her go just like that? Actually, I think the answer is already given by the writer. If we go back to the earlier episode of this drama (DYLB), JY once said to Young In noona that he doesn't want anyone around him that he cares about get hurt because of him. And he wants them to think that he is doing well (which is the reason of all those miscommunications). SA said that she was having a hard time, hurt, and isn't happy while trying to love him. That is why, hearing that must be very devastating for JY. He is the reason why SA got hurt and he failed to make her happy. I think that's why he didn't chase her. Because it is JY himself that hurt her.

    Jessica LimJessica Lim11 일 전
  • 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    Fatma KalimFatma Kalim11 일 전
  • No solo la escena, sino tambien la voz de Baekhyun de fondo hace que esta escena sea tan triste

    Denisse DazaDenisse Daza11 일 전
  • Nooooo😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

    Zhanel BaizhumaZhanel Baizhuma12 일 전
  • 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔

    Zhanel BaizhumaZhanel Baizhuma12 일 전
  • Please don't break up 🙏 i don't want see they're sad

    TheCyprusgirlTheCyprusgirl12 일 전
  • 너무 미안해서, 미안하고 또 미안해서 붙잡지도 못하는 저 절절한 준영이의 마음이 뭔지 알 것 같아서 더 마음이 아프다...

    YOO CEEYOO CEE12 일 전
  • 🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😨😨😨😨😫😫😫😫😫😞😞😣😩😩 esses emogs explicam como me sinto depois dessa cena 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Letícia hyuga fernandesLetícia hyuga fernandes12 일 전
  • Oh gosh! I didn’t get why the title of this video is “let’s write it.” Seriously? It should have been “Please take it / bring this umbrella/ use this umbrella” !!!! I thought JunYoung had said “I will text you” or something like that and waited the line!

    JennaJenna12 일 전
  • Who else thought he was coming to stop her during the slow mo of him pulling out the umbrella ☔? 😭😭😭😭 Why did he have to hide so much from her? Why did he always apologize when in fact he could just be open? Please meet her a year later and fall back in love 😍😍🤗.

    Mary-Ann CayemiteMary-Ann Cayemite12 일 전
    • I keep thinking about her name which in Korean sounds like an apology, it sounds like “I’m sorry”. And he was the only one who didn’t think that when they first met. But now, all he says is I’m sorry....and she can’t handle those words...but he is just saying sorry because it’s her....ooh I’m over analyzing lol.

      Manauia 88Manauia 8810 일 전
  • finally JY will do the interview that the manager proposes to him ???

    AnekaAneka12 일 전
  • I believe it's joon young's way of saying that he and song ah need to sort out their life on their own first , under their own umbrella and then later when they can manage things together, be 100% real and open up to each other then they'll share the umbrella together. He's not letting her go rather he has decided to fight back and make his decisions in life , before he can join song ah again

    pri exol07pri exol0712 일 전
    • I hope so.

      Barbara CirilloBarbara Cirillo7 일 전
  • Song Ah deserves stability, support....Joon Young only knows toxic dynamic in relationships he had had so far and that's what drove her to this point...he needs to sort it out and maybe down the line they can rekindle things when both have had time to recuperate emotionally...Also Jung Kyung's cancelled...she is a terrible person

    C RamanC Raman12 일 전
  • That umbrella was a symbol of “home” that Song-ah gifted to Joon-young. Joon-young never owned an umbrella because he never really had a home. That’s what Song-ah wanted to be for Joon-young-home. A place he can feel safe and comfortable. But unfortunately, that’s not how he feels. Despite how much he may love Song-ah, the pull to his “old home” (Jung Kyung) is more. This scene was painfully beautiful and was filmed and written this way with intention-it’s not merely because it’s raining and she needs an umbrella.

    chloéchloé12 일 전
  • If they donn't give us preview,how am I supposed to live and wait until next week!!!! :')

    Moomi NokeMoomi Noke12 일 전
  • I pray and hope she finds someone that cherish her time and her altogether. If he is willing to let you go, he wasn’t willing to hold on forever.

    Andres DeloitteAndres Deloitte12 일 전
  • I am very sorry to see him not even able to ask her to be by his side, and just keep saying sorry.. when he needs her the most now. That's how much he loves and respects her. T.T i hope you two would be happier in the next episode.. 지금 준영이도 너무 힘든데, 옆에 있어주면 안 되냐고 한마디도 못하고 미안하다고만 하고.. 너무 사랑해서... 안쓰럽다. 다음 화에서는 행복하길..

    Esther KimEsther Kim12 일 전
  • Title should be something like : The last word of Kim Min-jae "Use this," unable to stop her from leaving him. I think they are using some translation application? haha

    Esther KimEsther Kim12 일 전
  • Is SBS using Google Translate for the title of all the short clips??? Please fix it

    H KH K12 일 전
  • Some JY defendant might get angry at me for saying this, but seriously he is too used to toxic JK to let go of her and be a person (not JK lapdog) with someone who makes him happy. That's too much of self-sabotage at this point. Even if a person gives you a lot, if this giving comes with a heavy price to pay, you've got to have enough self-respect to stop taking and completely let go. And by the way, I don't see how they can get back together.

    Raine CRaine C12 일 전
  • Sometimes he is so into his own misery it makes him clueless and thoughtless. She needed to break up with him. She can’t keep being the last choice in everything, especially this. I hope this is a step toward her becoming stronger and sticking up for herself. JH needs to resolve everything in his life before he can be in a relationship. I ship them but not right now.

    M HodM Hod12 일 전
    • Exactly you can’t ask her to keep waiting. That’s a waste of time we only have two episodes left. He needs to figure and sort his life out first.

      caroline fernandezcaroline fernandez12 일 전
  • This drama had so much potentiality but it was all ruined. If I were the writer, it would have definitely lived up to it. There were so many things that could have been showed without bringing dramatic and depressing events in them. It's not a healing drama at all. It's confusing, frustrating and draggy to the point that I don't want to watch it anymore. Surprising given the fact, I was excitedly rooting for this show and this couple from the very first episode! Very disappointing.

    Kiara MoonKiara Moon12 일 전
  • Acho que ele gosta dela, mas ele precisa resolver a vida dele primeiro. Ele é muito imaturo, inseguro, precisa ser um homem bem resolvido.

    SgtPepper2018 MoreiraSgtPepper2018 Moreira12 일 전
    • Tudo que tá faltando é comunicação, ela falou tudo o que ela tava sentindo na hora do término mas ele ainda n conseguiu se abrir mas ele gosta dela sim vey n to contente deles terem terminando faltando 2eps pra acabar mas acho necessário quero ver ele sentido falta dela e correndo atrás dela

      Any MacedoAny Macedo12 일 전
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    서민의 기법 DayDuo서민의 기법 DayDuo12 일 전
  • Omg, so what’s going to happened? How can they make it happy ending?

    Sure LSure L12 일 전
  • They better add more ep. And give us an explanation lol. Im so lost dont know how this drama is going to end

    gnhes__gnhes__12 일 전
  • This is honestly disappointing. I had so much high hopes for this drama because I geuinely thought this would be a healing drama.. and it was.. until halfway through and then they made it completely depressing to the point even the thought of watching it made me feel tired. Where is the COMMUNICATION in their relationship?! Where is the moving on and learning to love each other?! THERE WAS NO PROGRESS IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP!! It just started with them liking each other but they weren't able to move past the getting to know each other phase to actually being in a healthy relationship.. The fact that they're going to try and wrap it all up in like 2 episodes is just.. no. Scratch that its probably not even going to be two episodes since they'll most likely get back together at the end of the next episode or god help us at the end of the last episode..

    MinMin12 일 전
    • In running man when they said it's melo romance..I understood that this is going to be an emotional roller coaster and i loved it. 😊( may be bcz I'm not a fan of romcoms.)

      Jema GuriaJema Guria12 일 전
  • si vas termina por favor no ponga musica en el aire de Baekhyun, mejor me ponga Tusa

    PCY EXOPCY EXO12 일 전
  • Demonios. ¿Porque siento que soy yo a la que le rompieron el corazon?🥺😭😭😭😭

    Estefany londoñoEstefany londoño12 일 전
    • Esta pareja es realmente hermosa..sufren mucho por que el se guarda mucho sus pensamientos..hasta su forma de romper fue sentida y sincera sin mentiras..ojala no este mucho tiempo separados.. como detesto el personaje de la amiga...

      NAshely AlvarezNAshely Alvarez12 일 전
  • The bad thing about the story is that at this point you wonder, did you ever love each other? And it all implies that no, they wanted to console each other, but the story is that they both loved other people ... did the writers want it to be like that or were they doing it wrong? There are 2 chapters left, I see it impossible that even ending together, I remove the bitter taste of a couple who never loved each other.

    GNR RoseGNR Rose12 일 전
  • This had to happen, and I could see it coming. They were much happier as friends. Joon young is so confusing and it’s hard because I don’t think he realizes what he does wrong, but he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. She pressured him by confessing and he accepted because he felt good around her, but they’re not close like most couples and neither looked happy as they did when they were friends. I stand by what I said before, he should have never told her to wait. Joon young wasn’t ready and song ah should have known that when he couldn’t even open up to her as a friend. Why would a relationship be any different? I wish they had stuck to no love line and at least gave us tender friendship moments with lots of progression in their careers. Again what was the point of this story? They are right back where they started. Song ah wasted money and time, still can’t play, joon young still hates the piano. I would be sad in sa worked at the foundation and remember the practice room. Joon young should win the competition and tour the world again till he figures out what he wants.

    AffranAffran12 일 전
    • @Manauia 88 I think that maybe the point life is smacking them in the face, they have to deal with the real world just playing violin and not being able to make a living, dream world, and he need to straighten out his family life not traveling and hate playing the piano .

      Barbara CirilloBarbara Cirillo7 일 전
    • Yep that sucks. But it is much more realistic that way, which serves as a basic asset to this drama! (For some viewers at least)🙃

      Eva MakriEva Makri12 일 전
    • @Affran I think song should have realistically given Up violin during the internship. I get loving something but she never showed talent. Although I would love to see her out perform everyone in the end. The writers are going to have to cover a lot of territory in just a few hours. So I’m dealing with how they would. It’s feeling a lot like game of thrones finale...I want it to be happy, but this break up is painful, we are all going to watch jaded and upset...

      Manauia 88Manauia 8812 일 전
    • @Ileana Feng irl I would have hit him with the umbrella. 😤 Told everyone if f’ off. 😡 and definitely fight JK. 🥊 But to me, the show was more than real life stuff. There was a ton of symbolism In this show and intricate parallels. Slow paced dialogue, the right music in the back ground and quiet words of wisdom. Instant connections, failed connections, being lucky and not being lucky. Right now, all that has played is none of that matters because there is only heartache.... I was and am expecting a greater lesson than just failure and being a doormat for someone.

      Manauia 88Manauia 8812 일 전
    • @Ileana Feng song ah throwing herself into the violin is fine but there were many many many signs she wasn’t good enough and she ignored them all because she thought her love of playing would overcome? Jy knew prior to coming back to Korea that he hated the piano, it wasn’t something he found out throughout the show, he doesn’t have to quit but he has to reprogram his mind and think about what he loves about the piano in the first place, Forget owing ppl, the foundation receive notoriety because of his success so did his teacher. He needs to remember that. Also he needs to tell his parents enough is enough, they’re leeches, and I understand why he didn’t want to come home. His mom needs to divorce his dad so anything he does doesn’t impact her or him. Seems like that’s the cause of this. I don’t watch dramas for them to be hyper realistic, I like characters I can relate to but there’s a bit too much reality in this one, I watch dramas to escape reality I don’t want to be hit in the face with it lol

      AffranAffran12 일 전
  • Please help Joon-Young and give him some time and strength. He finally found what he really wanted. That is Song-A. I really want him to have her as his friend, lover, girlfriend or whatever you name it, the closest person.... please have a faith and little bit patience for him. His life has been way too heavy for a young guy like him, like seems a fine and decent capable young pianist under a spotlight for years. Please.....

    nonnon12 일 전
  • 준쏭 힘들어 하는게 도대체 몇주 째야....ㅠㅠㅠ 나도 지쳐간다 정말 얼른 서로 이쁜 모습만 보게 해줘요 너무 힘들어요ㅠㅠ꽃길만 걷고싶은데에💔

    이슬이슬12 일 전
  • Well, all here are angry because of this...but if you watch close this is exactly what we could see he would do since ep 1, with her and every one. I knew when they'd break up he would return the umbrella and I can not say if it's right or not, I just think is understandable.

    july gomezjuly gomez12 일 전
    • No, I think he was just keeping his promise of always being there to protect her with that umbrella. Like this was the last thing he could do

      july gomezjuly gomez7 일 전
    • I'm wondering if he gave it back because he was angry, he expected her to always understand so this was a rebuke.

      Barbara CirilloBarbara Cirillo7 일 전
  • Tbh, this hitted harder than I was expecting. It was a calming break up, yet I could feel their pain in my heart.😞 *The lower their voices, the louder the breaking sound of their hearts* 😫

    Caldo de gallinaCaldo de gallina12 일 전
  • 나 이거 너무 마음 아팠어 씌워주겠단 말도 못하고 쓰고가라고 쥐어줌ㅠㅠㅠㅠ😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 그냥 제발 둘이 행복하게 해줘요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    ᄋᄋᄋᄋ12 일 전
    • 지금 봐도 또 눈물나요ㅠㅠㅠ 나이 마흔에 드라마에 빠져버린ㅜ

      정혜연정혜연8 일 전
  • Creo lloraré mucho hoy 😭😭😭

    Raisa GongoraRaisa Gongora12 일 전
    • Yo tambien llore ..amo a esa parejita son tan bellos

      NAshely AlvarezNAshely Alvarez12 일 전
  • I don't know if I'll be able to smile before next episode. I heart aches for them.

    Directioner AnneDirectioner Anne12 일 전
  • One thing that annoyed me the most is that JY cannot throw away the things given to him by JK yet he gave back the only gift (Umbrella) given by SH so easily. This alone shows that he is not completely over Jk or even values JK more than SH.

    Prasidhika ShresthaPrasidhika Shrestha12 일 전
    • @Fa-Rod 2020 It says Kyunghoo foundation. She was probably just reminded of the first time JY and her shared an umbrella together.

      byoutifullybyoutifully11 일 전
    • I also think he is just lending umbrella to her for coming back home. In next episode teasser it shows something is written in the umbrella. Did you notice it??

      Fa-Rod 2020Fa-Rod 202011 일 전
    • @fabulous potato You think JY and JK have more chemistry than the lead couple 😮? interesting how differently people perceive these kind of things cause for me there was no chemistry between JY and JK. JY and SA had great chemistry form the beginning, in my opinion. And I don't think JY used her as a rebound.

      L.LL.L12 일 전
    • @fabulous potatoI personally think both leads have really good chemistry, I swoon over their interactions. Lol Goes to show, even though we’re all watching the same drama, we’re all entitled to our varying opinions, idea and views ☺️ Thanks for sharing!

      byoutifullybyoutifully12 일 전
    • He told her that he will be there to protect her with that umbrella, when it will be raining, so although she parted ways with him he is keeping his promise. He'd kept the only precious memories from his past buried in his suitcase, it's like a treasure you will never dare to throw away.

      mibudasmibudas12 일 전
  • Why am I getting emotional over an umbrella?!!?!?! I think this umbrella will make another appearance next week, Lol I believe that JY "giving back" the umbrella she gifted him symbolizes how he will continue to protect/ be there for her even if it means removing himself from her life.

    byoutifullybyoutifully12 일 전
    • I believe it's joon young's way of saying that he and song ah need to sort out their life on their own first , under their own umbrella and then later when they can manage things together, be 100% real and open up to each other then they'll share the umbrella together. He's not letting her go rather he has decided to fight back and make his decisions in life , before he can join song ah again

      pri exol07pri exol0712 일 전
    • @Manauia 88 Yeah, this episode has me wrecked right now.

      Kim MCKim MC12 일 전
    • @Kim MC 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      Manauia 88Manauia 8812 일 전
    • @Kim MC Oh yes, I can see that too.

      byoutifullybyoutifully12 일 전
    • To me, the umbrella represented "I'll shield you from everything". When he gave it back, it was a symbol that he no longer will do that.

      Kim MCKim MC12 일 전
  • 주인공 남녀 둘이 힘든 게 지금 몇화 째야..... 지친다...ㅠㅠㅠ

    vyvy -vyvy -12 일 전
  • No back hug 😭😭😭😭 My heart broke 💔 This was supposed to happen on ep 13 not 14

    caroline fernandezcaroline fernandez12 일 전
  • Stop watching !!!

    Diana OsazenayeDiana Osazenaye12 일 전
  • But he needs to fight for her , Where is the preview? 😭

    Lucía AlfaroLucía Alfaro12 일 전
  • My heart hurts 😭 but i'm staying optimistic for next week! I know I liked this drama for a reason! It will end well !!!!!! ✊✊✊

    melai21melai2112 일 전
  • Que rayos significa eso, porque le regreso la sombrilla. Enserio terminaron noooooo!!!!!!

    yukiyuki12 일 전
    • @NAshely Alvarez No creo que se lo devuelva. Y lo deje el o no el violin. Aun tiene que dar su última presentación. Es como un examen para graduarse.

      yukiyuki12 일 전
    • @yuki Sera que ella lo entiende asi y le devuelve la sombrilla despues..por fin mire el avance de episodio ... pense que ella iba a dejar el violin todo apunta que no tiene talento

      NAshely AlvarezNAshely Alvarez12 일 전
    • @NAshely Alvarez No creo que so lo dio por lo que dijo antes. Que siempre llevaría la sombrilla para cuando ella la necesitará.

      yukiyuki12 일 전
    • Si..no salio a llevarla a la casa..si no a devolverle el regalo.como quien dice que el tambien le termina..super raro ese niño

      NAshely AlvarezNAshely Alvarez12 일 전
  • 😭😭😭

    Nino ApaqidzeNino Apaqidze12 일 전
  • They broke because of her feelings and he not being able to talk about it Everyone left him his because parents teachers friends girlfriend He need to go missing How will all them people handle it!!!!!

    Diana OsazenayeDiana Osazenaye12 일 전
  • Why! Returning her gift?! What is that supposed to mean?

    賞賞賞賞12 일 전
    • @Jeffrey Kwek Not only I am not forgetting about the handkerchief she gave him, it seems that he also owe her one too. It's driving me crazy now! I have to wait for another six days to find out!

      賞賞賞賞12 일 전
    • Why is everyone forgetting about the handkerchief. Lol It can be just that she needs it more than he do at the moment.

      Jeffrey KwekJeffrey Kwek12 일 전
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      AffranAffran12 일 전
    • That he will no longer shield her or be a protector. Sort of like, "I don't need this anymore but you do".

      Kim MCKim MC12 일 전
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      Barbara CirilloBarbara Cirillo7 일 전
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      ahmad alaaahmad alaa11 일 전
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      Lisa YooLisa Yoo11 일 전
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      Caldo de gallinaCaldo de gallina12 일 전
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      anet bigianet bigi12 일 전
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      Caldo de gallinaCaldo de gallina12 일 전
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